Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mulligan.B & also Deepak Kumar called a response “MAGICAL RESPONSE” do you know what they mean? Read the following:

O’Leary S (2007) reported specific therapeutic exercise of the neck induces immediate local hypoalgesia.
O’Leary S et al (2007) compared effects of 2 specific cervical flexor muscle exercise protocols on immediate pain relief in the cervical spine of people with chronic neck pain. In addition, they study evaluated whether these exercise protocols elicited any systemic effects by studying sympathetic nervous system (SNS) function and pain at a location distant from the cervical spine.
They found that specific exercise of the cervical spine can impart an immediate local mechanical hypoalgesic response.
So it is imperative to understand the pain-relieving effects of exercise. That will assist the clinician in prescribing the most appropriate exercise protocols for patients with chronic neck pain.

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