Friday, August 8, 2008

A new clinical test to diagnose Superior labral injury

Several clinical tests for detecting superior labral injury of the shoulder have been reported, some of the maneuvers involved are complicated and diagnosis is still inaccurate.
Nakagawa S (2005) reported forced shoulder abduction and elbow flexion test as a new simple clinical test to detect superior labral injury in the throwing shoulder.
The test:
The forced abduction test was defined as positive when pain at the posterosuperior aspect of the shoulder on forced maximal abduction was relieved or diminished by elbow flexion.
According to Nakagawa; the sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of the forced abduction test were 67%, 67%, and 67%, respectively. It was one of the most useful tests, along with the crank test and O'Brien's test (crank test, 58%, 72%, 66%; O'Brien's test, 54%, 60%, 57%; respectively).

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