Sunday, August 3, 2008

Palpation errors- so many times we fail to deliver but be blame other factors.

One study by Harlick JC et al was to determine the accuracy of manipulative physiotherapists in palpating radiologically identified lumbar spinous processes (SPs). Five experienced manipulative physiotherapists were each allocated a cohort of 15 consecutive low back pain (LBP) patients presenting for X-rays and were asked to use surface palpation to identify the L1, L3 and L5 SPs.
72% accurately located the nominated SP or consistently within one SP of the nominated level.
A greater SP height at L3 and L5, and decreased soft tissue thickness over L5, were associated with an increase in palpation accuracy levels.
Yet the patient variables of age, sex and body mass index (BMI) had no effect on palpatory accuracy.
The manipulative physiotherapists used in this study appear to be moderately successful in either palpating a nominated SP or being no more than one spinal level in error.


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  2. surendra you heve to go through details of surface anatomy in a detailed way. you must not just stop by reading it proceed further and keenly apply it on the patient

    days and years are required for a high degree of accucacy in imparting a correct force at a correct place to have an optimum result.


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