Friday, August 8, 2008

Relationship of posteroanterior spinal stiffness to lumbar disk height.

In an interesting radiological study Colloca CJ (2003) tried to corroborate the relationships between dynamic PA spinal stiffness and radiographic measures of lower lumbar disk height and disk degeneration.
Anterior disk height ratios (ADHR = ADH/AVH) and posterior disk height ratios (PDHR = PDH/PVH) were calculated from the disk height measurements and were compared to L4 and L5 posteroanterior spinal stiffness obtained using a previously validated mechanical impedance stiffness assessment procedure.
**Posterior disk height (PDH), vertebral body height (PVH), anterior disk height (ADH), and vertebral body height (AVH)
This study suggested Posteroanterior L5 vertebral stiffness was found to be significantly correlated to the L5 PDHR.

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