Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR)- the New treatment of OA

The root cause of osteoarthritis is wear out of “cartilage”. If this cartilage is regenerated to its original healthy amount, no more pain in the knees – a permanent, one-time cure for osteoarthritis. Recently a device called Cytotron has been developed to produce the afore said effect. The technology Cytotron uses is Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) is used to stimulate the growth of cartilage cells in the knee, so the root cause of arthritis is gone
It is claimed that:
1. It is highly successful, (RFQMR is a patented technology)
2. It is totally non-invasive but it is highly desirable alternative to knee replacement surgery.
3. There is no pain, no medicines and no side effects of application of this machine.
4. It is claimed that in 21 day treatment and the patient can be walking without pain in 60 days.
5. It is claimed that it enables natural growth of cartilage, as against placement of a foreign substance in the body, which is done during a knee replacement surgery.
About the Innovative RFQMR treatment
On a normal healthy human body, like other tissues, bone and cartilage are constantly being built up and broken down by a variety of metabolic and physical influences. In other words, when one takes a step, putting weight on the joint, it compresses the cartilage and thereby displaces the fluid. As long as there is sufficient amount of cartilage, it provides a cushion between the bones. It is the wear out of this cartilage that causes pain in the knees and is called osteoarthritis.
1. RFQMR utilizes an innovative technology to deliver highly complex quantum EM (non-thermal) beam to alter the cell membrane potential in a highly controlled fashion for regeneration of chondrocytes thus reversing the negative cycle of degeneration of cartilage. These beams alter the proton spin inside and outside the cells generating streaming voltage potentials resulting in stimulation of cartilage growth.
2. High intensity quantum Magnetic Resonance beams are precisely controlled by a new computer controlled device (called Cytotron) delivered from specially designed guns and focused onto target tissues. This technology is similar to the diagnostic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) device. However, the Radio Frequency used in RFQMR is lower compared to the frequency used in MRI. These frequency ranges come in the non ionizing-non-thermal category.
3. The International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has defined emission levels that are considered safe for human use. Both electric and magnetic field emissions from RFQMR exposure are well below the levels specified by ICNIRP.
Benefits of this treatmentThe benefits of this treatment would make anyone think twice before they opt for a knee surgery –
1. RFQMR is a pioneering, unique, effective and non surgical procedure for treatment of Osteoarthritis
2. RFQMR treatment for osteoarthritis significantly decreases pain
3. RFQMR has no side effects
4. RFQMR cure is long lasting
5. RFQMR enables natural growth of cartilage and increases its thickness as against placement of foreign substance
6. RFQMR is a cheaper alternative to knee replacement
7. Both knees can be treated simultaneously in RFQMR
8. RFQMR increases mobility in patients
9. RFQMR improves stability and power of the knee joint

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  1. Cytotron / Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance(RFQMR) for treating Osteoarthritis of Knee and other joint's is only the tip of the iceberg of the possible applications of the technology. We at Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana (Helpline 09814034818) are using this technology since 2006. We are treating osteoarthritis and cancer tumors with Cytotron and appreciate the lifelong efforts of Dr.R.V.Kumar for developing the technology that was referred to by Albert Einstein and Dr.Richard Demadian (Nobel Prize winner for MRI invention) long back. As Indians we are proud of Dr.Kumar - Dr Sibia


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