Monday, February 9, 2009


The following painful conditions & injuries may happen in bicyclists. The conditions described below are cephalo-caudally (head to toe) on not on prevalence rates.

1. Neck pain
2. Back pain
3. Shoulder pain
4. Wrist pain
5. Handlebar palsy
6. Groin injuries- saddle sore, chafing, pudendal neuropathy, male impotence, female uvula trauma etc
7. Patello-femoral joint pain (knee cap pain)
8. Foot & ankle paresthesia (numbness in foot & ankle)
9. Metatarsalgia (present as toe pain & numbness)
10. Achilles tendonitis (presents as heel cord pain)
11. Planter fasciitis (presents as heel pain)

Friends, in the next part we will discuss how these injuries are caused by riding a bicycle.

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