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Sports Shoes. Prominent injuries by sports shoes (Evidences only): part II

Though improper sports shoes could have a direct relationship with sports injuries, there are not many direct evidences that link sports shoes to a particular kind of sports injuries. We analyzed the recent evidences from the year 1994-2008 from PUBMED with the key word “sports shoes” AND “sports injuries”. In a recent research it was found no increased incidence of ankle sprains is associated with shoe design in collegiate basketball players (2). How ever this finding is hard to believe in every sporting scenario. Taunton JE et al found running shoe age were associated with injury. Knee was the most injured joint found in the study however the sports shoes are not incriminated in all cases of injuries(3). Similarly according to Milburn PD et al literature related to footwear design and injury prevention in most sports played on natural turf is limited (5).

Following are few direct evidence we found in above said search criteria:

According to Van Mechelen there are many associations between running injuries and many factors such as warm-up and stretching exercises, body height, malalignment, muscular imbalance, restricted range of motion, running frequency, level of performance, stability of running pattern, shoes and inshoe orthoses and running on 1 side of the road remains unclear or is backed by contradicting or scarce research findings (9).

Wilk BR et al reported in a single case study that defective running shoes as a incriminating contributing factor in plantar fasciitis of a triathlete. They found manufacturing defect which possibly contributed to the development of plantar fasciitis.

According top Frey C causal factors associated with stress fractures include training errors, exercise surfaces, footwear, and anatomic abnormalities. It is only logical to think that footwear can play an important role in the development and treatment of stress fractures because it plays a important role in foot loading, structure, and stability which have a significant impact on the development of stress fractures (6).

Injury to the anterior tibial tendon, extensor hallucis longus, extensor communis tendons, or dorsalis pedis artery, vein, and nerve are known as "boot-top" injuries. Boot-top tendon lacerations in ice hockey are common. But it is not clear that "boot-top" injuries are caused by shoes. However, according to Simonet WT "boot-top" injuries should be preventable if equipment is worn properly.

According to Robbins et al athletic footwear are associated with frequent injury that are thought to result from repetitive impact. No scientific data suggest they protect well. Expensive athletic shoes are deceptively advertised to safeguard well through "cushioning impact", yet account for 123% greater injury frequency than the cheapest ones (2).

Comments of Tancred B in the following article is unavailable in PUBMED
“Footwear: the hidden component in sporting injuries? A commentary”.

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