Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mannell’s Concept

An introduction to Mannel

Dr.James Mannell’s name is associated among the pioneers of physical therapeutics applied in modern medicine. James Mannell was a qualified medicine specialist & physician. First book of Mannell’s concept emerged in 1920 as a result of twelve years' experience of massage and its allied arts, and effects of treatment of six thousand medical cases of fracture. The book was named massage-its principles and practice which was forwarded by Dr. Robert Jones, then the major general of army medical services of United Kingdom.

The early experiences of James mannell was modified by following findings:

1. Positive out comes of effects of "early movement" on post-immobilization stiffness.

2. Effect of simple manual handling providing distraction at a particular joint (that was stiff post-fracture-immobilization) which seemed like a massage can attend joint mobility painlessly and without any attempt at force that are attained by the exercise of considerable force, and at the expense of much pain to the patient.

3. As a clinical assistant in the physical exercise department of St. Thomas' hospital he distinctly categorized physical treatments & massage into two distinct processes: one applicable to recent injury and the other to all cases not coming under this head.

4. Not hurting a patient by the treatment intended to cure: In the earliest part of his carrier while Dr mannell was in Paris to study with Championniere told him the mantra of a very successful medical masseur Anathema "I never hurt a patient!" through your therapies. That was all, but it started a new line of thought in Dr Mannell.

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