Friday, January 1, 2010

Revisiting what Dr ATStill said in 1874- It sounds valid to me !!!

The Rule of Artery by AT still

Early osteopathy teaches that

1. Structural derangement (SD) of the body is the predisposing cause of disease
2. SD causes functional distortion (FD) of the vascular and nervous systems
3. Which further leads to
a. Weakening the nutritional processes and lowering the powers of resistance of the body
b. Production of congestion, either general or local, active or passive further depriving tissues of an adequate blood and lymph supply
c. impairs the rebuilding of cells and retards the elimination of waste products through body drainage
4. As drainage & elimination are affected, body is unable to withstand climatic changes or unhygienic and unsanitary surroundings, and offering a open medium for the invasion and propagation of pathogenic germs.

Dr. Still, the founder of osteopathy, said, "A disturbed artery marks the beginning to the hour and minute when disease begins to sow its seeds of destruction in the human body. The rule of the artery must be absolute, universal and unobstructed, or disease will be the result."

Classic encyclopedia, 1911

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