Friday, January 8, 2010

What happens if the relaxation is not maintained during the passive movement?

1. In the absence of relaxation the movement of the joint is forced, and therefore strain is placed upon it. The result is that any synovitis or other pathological condition is perpetuated or increased.
2. There is great danger of inflicting further injury on the already damaged structures, so that adhesions of greater density and strength will ultimately form.
3. Repair is retarded owing to undue strain on the structures that are undergoing repair.
4. The muscles are strained, and possibly even torn, in their vain attempt to resist the movement.
5. The circulation of the venous blood and of the lymph may be assisted, but extravasation will be increased; and
6. The disorganisation of the vaso-motor system is increased as the result of repetition of trauma, and so oedema increases in proportion as repair decreases.
7. The joint-sense is outraged by repeated trauma, and all power of co-ordination is thereby destroyed.

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