Monday, January 11, 2010

Why the quack "bone-setter" is able to flourish so exceedingly?

In my opinion the entire medical fraternity is to be blamed for it. Speaking generally, it may be said that the "bone-setter" flourishes not because people suffer injury, but on account of the treatment they receive.

A traditional bone setter’s friends & foes:

1. The doctrine of fixation, rest and splintage is his (traditional bone setter) great ally.
2. His (traditional bone setter) enemy is the treatment of recent injury by mobilisation.

How far traditional bone setters will sustain?

According to Dr.Mannell - until the time the old teaching of absolute and prolonged rest after injury is replaced with combination of justified rest with early mobilisation, the type of disability which fills the "bone-setter's" rooms will never decrease and hence they will flourish.

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