Friday, October 28, 2011

Implications of Physiotherapists as indipendent mecine prescriber

Hi all physiotherapists. Time is changing rapidly for us. Our services at different areas of medicine has brought credit to us. As a result of that

In USA: We are trying to get into 1st hand practice where clinical entry level DPT and many such advancements are noted.

In UK: Recently in BBC news it was flashed that "Physiotherapists may get independent medicine prescription rites". Already physios have injection rights in UK.

In AUS: Physiotherapists are trying to persuade legislators to allow physiotherapists for minor surgeries "wound suturing", injection rights, independent prescription writes.     
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2008 WHO classification of "Health workers" 

Please refer to the WHO (World health organization) classification (2008) of health workers which is an international standard classification where there are separate ISCO codes to physiotherapists & physiotherapy technician. Thankfully the classification is far more indicative this time.  

Physiotherapist: ISCO code- 2264  

Physiotherapy technician: ISCO code- 3255


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