Monday, July 28, 2008

ICT in large Cervical spine disc prolapse

Many claim that the use of intermittent cervical traction’s role is redundant. But according to a research paper by a group of Swedish physical therapists (In journal of manipulative physical therapy,2002) cervical spine traction could be considered as a therapy of choice for radiculopathy caused by herniated disks, even in cases of large-volume herniated disks or recurrent episodes.
They described the use of intermittent cervical traction in managing 4 patients with cervical radiculopathy in large-volume herniated disks. All 4 patients had neck pain radiating to the arm. The clinical examination was typical in all cases for radiculopathy of cervical origin. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the cervical spine revealed large-volume herniated disks in all patients.
Their treatment consisted of intermittent on-the-door cervical traction. Complete symptom resolution for each patient occurred within 3 weeks. One patient who had an episode of recurrence 16 months after the first treatment was successfully managed again with cervical traction and physiotherapy.
In my personal experience I also regard ICT as a great modality in managing cervical spine prolapse cases. But I also think we should have more number of cases in a RCT format to validate our experience.

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