Monday, September 15, 2008

Ascending Foot-Cranial Model i.e. foot position affecting the cranium position

Rothbart BA studied to determine whether a correlation exists among foot motion, the position of the innominates, and vertical facial dimensions (ie, the distances between the outer corners of the eyes [the exocanthions] and the ipsilateral outer margins of the lips).

He theorized ascending foot cranial model to explain the findings generated from this study:

Abnormal foot pronation (inward, forward, and downward rotation) can cuse:

1) Displace the innominates anteriorly (forward) and downward this happens due to action of gravity on the body. This can further cause
2) Anteriorly rotated temporal bone ipsilateral to the more anteriorly rotated innominate bone. This further result in
3) Relative loss of vertical facial dimensions (face- facial not fascial)

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