Friday, September 19, 2008


Major causes of non-discogenic sciatica (NDS) both from infective and are as follows:

1. lumbar radicular herpes zoster,
2. lumbar nerve root schwannoma,
3. lumbar instability,
4. facet hypertrophy,
5. ankylosing spondylitis,
6. sacroiliitis,
7. sciatic neuritis,
8. piriformis syndrome,
9. intrapelvic mass and
10. coxarthrosis (coax = hip)
The pain pattern and accompanying symptoms were the major factors suggesting a non-discogenic etiology.

How to go about diagnosis:
1. Detailed physical examinations with special attention paid to the extraspinal causes of sciatica and to pain characteristics are the major components of differential diagnosis of NDS.
2. Investigations: Pelvic MRI and CT scans, and sciatic nerve magnetic resonance neurography were the main diagnostic tools for diagnosis of NDS.

3. The treatment of choice depended on the primary diagnosis.

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