Friday, December 5, 2008

magnet therapy- An introduction

Magnet therapy has been around for a long time and there are many, many anecdotal stories of successful results in using magnets for everything from acne to cancer. My personal experience definitely confirms that magnets are great at accelerating the body's natural healing. However everything I have personally experienced shows that success requires the most powerful of magnets. Extremely large (6 inch x 4 inch x 2 inch) ceramic magnets can work but they tend to be too large to use except for a few situations.
The magnets in this section are the strongest for the size that is available. Like all medical treatments, there is not a treatment that works great for all people and magnets are even more controversal. A lot of the studies that I have found on the internet have not taken into account the extreme decrease in magnetic field strength over distance in conducting their tests. The best magnet size depends on the location of the problem area and how large it is and the individual's own physical size. A 300 pounds person and a 100 pound person with back pain in the same area will require substantially different size magnets to treat the area. A 1.5 inch square x 4mm N50 might be just right for the 100 pound person but the 300 pound person might have no effect from that size. They would probably require a 3 inch square x 0.5 inch thick N50 to just get the same result.
Naturally, no one makes any guarantees of results in medical treatment but if you are going to try it as a possible treatment, keep in mind that even for those that magnets have worked, it is not immediate and best results come from the strongest magnets used 16 or more hours a day. Strong magnets do present other concerns and require extreme caution to avoid getting pinched by the smaller ones to serious finger damage from the "body-part crushing" magnets in the 2 inch dia x 0.5 inch thick and larger.

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