Thursday, October 1, 2009

Leon Chaitow’s recommendation of manual therapy for parkinsonism

1. Antero-posterior and lateral mobilization of the thoracic and lumbar spine (patient seated).

2. Myofascial release of the thoracic spine (patient seated).

3. Atlanto-occiptal release (patient supine; not manipulation).

4. Mobilization of the cervical spine (patient supine).

5. Muscle-energy technique (MET) release of cervical muscles (patient supine).

6. General mobilization of the shoulder joints including use of MET (patient side-lying).

7. Mobilization of the forearms (patient supine).

8. Mobilization of the wrists (patient supine).

9. Mobilization of the SI joint (patient supine).

10. MET to the hip adductors (patient supine).

11. MET to psoas muscles (patient supine).

12. MET to hamstrings (patient supine).

13. Mobilization of the ankles (patient supine).

14. MET to the ankle in dorsi and plantar flexion (patient supine).

Note: This sequence has to be performed in this order in 30 minutes.

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