Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chromium polynicotinate is also an anti-obesity agent!!!

There’s another natural substance that works in much the same way as HCA. It’s a micronutrient called chromium polynicotinate works for glucose metabolism. Like HCA, chromium polynicotinate operates against weight gain by throwing a number of genetic “switches.” In a recent animal study, scientists Roy et al found that it had the power to activate four muscle-specific genes that tell “pre-adipocytes,” pre-cursors of fat cells, to turn into muscle instead of fat. It also turned off two genes that make brown fat, the hardest kind of fat to shed. Even more interesting, chromium polynicotinate powers down the gene that provides antioxidant support to your fat cells. This means it literally accelerates fat cell death while letting other types of cells thrive.
The problem is most doctors and nutritional experts don’t know about them—or where to get them. There are a few supplements on the market that offer HCA and chromium polynicotinate in varying amounts. But it’s hard to know for certain whether you’re getting them in their purest form.

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