Monday, October 20, 2008

Nutritional Engineering: THE CONCEPT ANTI-AGING

One can play an active role in his own future by turning on the genes i.e. “Good Genes,” that promote longevity and turning off the genes that let cells die. This is very exciting news seems like science fiction but scientists are looking forward to this latest medical breakthrough.
Twenty years ago “longevity gene” was discovered. It’s activated by caloric restriction. Researchers found that giving mice reduced calories increased their lifespan dramatically. Later studies revealed this effect wasn’t limited to mice: Calorie-restricted diets produced similar results across the board, from single celled organisms to mammals.
Recently a family of life-protecting genes called sirtuins (“silent information regulator proteins”) ware found. Sirtuins serves conditions of severe stress. They transmit signals to every cell in your body that literally cancel out the effects of aging. The process leads to cell death to slow to a crawl, buying your body more time to repair the DNA damage that brings life to an end. This sounds encouraging but keep it is important to remember that for Sirtuins to work caloric restriction must be imposed, the amount of caloric restriction brings the daily calorie intake down to near starvation levels. Not exactly the kind of diet one can stick to. Scientists are trying to answer how to “activate” sirtuin genes without caloric restriction? to change the course of life safely and naturally.
Research inputs on nutrient resveratrol.
It is claimed by many scientists that with nutrient resveratrol one don’t have to starve to switch on the longevity gene.
What nutrient resveratrol can do?
Some of the good anti-aging genes are “switched on” with resveratrol. These genes do following actions:
Suppress aberrant cellular proliferation (for example prevents cancerous cells from multiplying)
Induce DNA repair (for example fixes damaged chromosome)
Enable insulin to assist glucose uptake into cells (normalizes blood sugar)
Facilitate production of beneficial high-density lipoprotein or HDL. (Ramps up good cholesterol…)

Some of the bad genes are “switched off” with resveratrol. These genes do following actions:
Boost production of potentially harmful low-density lipoproteins or LDL (creates more of the bad cholesterol)
Override normal patterns regulating cell division (cuts off your body’s ability to regulate healthy cell production)
Promote excess production of insulin and inflammation (causing fat gain, swelling and joint pain)
Resveratrol increase insulin sensitivity, help body burn and release fat and protect against high blood pressure, obesity and heart problems. Hence it lower blood sugar, probably the more correct way to normalize blood glucose.
It also enhance mitochondrial energy production, improved motor function, including balance and coordination!!! This last benefit is worth repeating… Resveratrol actually improves quality of life, by boosting physical abilities.

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