Friday, October 10, 2008

Unspecific features that might be venous insufficiency & medical compression stockings

The cause of occasional pain in the legs of apparently healthy people is unknown. Some features of the syndrome reflect an emotional disorder while others mirror venous insufficiency.
Occasional leg symptoms, like feelings of heaviness and tension, and occupational or evening oedema are considered typical features of a venous disorder but have shown low specificity in epidemiological and observational studies.
Bl├Ąttler W evaluated the prevalence and nature of such symptoms in subjects with no history or signs of venous disease and investigated the optimal strength that medical compression stockings (MCS) should exert in order to alleviate the symptoms and to prevent leg swelling. They found MCS of 15 mmHg effectively relieve the symptoms resembling venous insufficiency, prevent oedema and are well-tolerated.

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