Monday, October 13, 2008

Updates on tendon disorders

Certain tendons are particularly more vulnerable to degenerative pathology; these include the Achilles, patella, elements of the rotator cuff, forearm extensors, biceps brachi and tibialis posterior tendons.
Often tendonitis in above said conditions becomes chronic and can be difficult to manage successfully in the long term. Additionally the presence of neovascularization is now well-recognized in long-standing tendinopathy.
Current histopathological & imaging technique evidences suggests: tendonitis seen in the above said tendons are degenerative rather than inflammatory in nature.
Strategies loosing support:
Traditional treatments of anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) strategies, which are often inappropriate.
Strategies gaining support:
In particular the advent of 'eccentric loading' training programmes has revolutionized the treatment especially of Achilles tendinopathy. This concept is currently being extended to include other commonly injured tendons.

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