Monday, June 9, 2008

dizziness due to cervical origin- treatment

Many cases of dizziness are due to cervical origin. Cervicogenic dizziness is dizziness described as imbalance occurring together with cervical pain or headache. Many of referring doctors feared that I might not help them which in term will produce a bad name for them. The skills ware there with me. One day a monk reported (1st hand) to me that he is having dizziness while prostrating in the temple, while sitting in meditations etc. I used Central PA to C6, C5. Currently I am exploring SNAGs of B.Mulligan. and combinimg both Maitlands & Mulligans. Following is an account of SNAGs helping patents with dizziness of cervicogenic origin: Reid SA et al (2007) found, SNAG treatment had an immediate clinically and statistically significant sustained effect in reducing dizziness, cervical pain and disability caused by cervical dysfunction.

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