Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pyriformis morphometry, it’s test position and impact of test position

The piriformis syndrome is one of the non-discogenics causes of sciatica. It results from the compression of the sciatic nerve (SN) by the piriformis muscle (PM) in the neutral and piriformis stretch test position. Following are important things to know about it.
1. The location of the sciatic nerve with respect to consistent bony landmarks: mid way between the greater & the ischial tuberosity.
2. The test position is: 30 degrees adduction 60 degrees flexion and approximately 10 degrees medial rotation position of the hip joint.
3. Morphometric data suggest that after stretch test position, the infrapiriforme foramen becomes narrower; the SN becomes closer to the ischial spine of the hip bone, and the angle between the SN and the transverse plane increases.

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