Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shoulder impingement symptoms of over head athlete & rehab.line

Shoulder impingement symptoms of over head athlete:
(1) Acquired glenohumeral anterior instability,
(2) Loss of GH internal rotation range of motion, and
(3) lack of retraction strength. Based on recent literature,
The following guidelines should be used with impingement symptoms (as described above):
(1) Shoulder rehabilitation should be integrated into kinetic chain training, not only in the advanced phases of the athlete's rehabilitation, but from the initial phases;
(2) Both angular and translational mobilisations can be used in the treatment of acquired loss of glenohumeral internal rotation range of motion to stretch the posterior structures of the glenohumeral joint; and
(3) In the rehabilitation of scapular dyskinesis, the therapist should focus on restoration of trapezius muscle balance in the scapular exercises, with special attention to strength training of the retractors.

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