Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why is the developed world Obese?

Obesity has risen dramatically in the past few decades. However, the relative contribution of energy intake and energy expenditure to rising obesity is not known. Moreover, the extent to which social and economic factors tip the energy balance is not well understood. According to a review article by Bleich S et al (2008), exploratory study estimates the relative contribution of increased caloric intake and reduced physical activity to obesity in developed countries using two methods of energy accounting. Results in many studies in western countries show that rising obesity is primarily the result of consuming more calories. Bleich S et al estimated by multivariate regression models and use simulation analysis to explore technological and sociodemographic determinants of this dietary excess. Their results indicate that the increase in caloric intake is associated with technological innovations as well as changing sociodemographic factors.
Many studies have attributed rapid urbanization in all most all parts of the world with associated with change in multiple factors favorable of obesity development. One of the foremost factors that come to mind is enhanced mechanization & gadget usage has lead to over all reduction in day to day caloric expenditure in physical activity. Migration to such an environment leads to obesity.

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